Pissed-Off Man Dumps Urine On Teen's Head, Police Say

 Pissed-Off Man Dumps Urine On Teen's Head, Police Say

An 84-year-old man in Evansville, Indiana, is facing battery charges after police said he dumped a bowl filled with urine over the head of a teenage boy.

Charles Weatherford was arrested Saturday afternoon after he reportedly got into an argument with a 13-year-old over some smashed bricks on his property, according to 14News.com.

The teen told police that the argument boiled over when Weatherford poured pee on him from the second floor of his home, the Evansville Courier-Press reports

Police responded to a 911 call from Weatherford about the vandalism and filled out a criminal damage report at his home. A police report obtained by The Smoking Gun noted a “strong odor of urine” outside his home, but “were unable to determine the source.”

They found one possible explanation when the boy’s mother phoned officers to report that her son had been “assaulted with bodily waste,” according to the report.

When officers questioned Weatherford again, they said he admitted becoming angry when the 13-year-old called him names. He also admitted that “he did sometimes keep a bowl of urine on his balcony for self defense,” according to The Smoking Gun.

It is unknown whether the alleged urine in the bowl belonged to a human or an animal.

Weatherford has been charged with battery by communicable bodily fluid/waste, a felony, and battery on a victim under the age of 14. 

He is free on $750 bail with a court appearance scheduled for Aug. 19. 


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